The website has changed!

The original “I Know the Ending” website was created back in 2003 after a quiet day at work discussing comical film summaries. The idea was good but I didn’t have time to maintain it and, eventually, it wasn’t updated at all and stagnated.

Now I’m older, and I feel somewhat wiser but also grumpier, I wanted to take advantage of the domain name and I’m aiming to discuss the many, varied things I get up to and wound up by.

The main topics will cover setting up a holiday cottage business using Airbnb, Trip Advisor and the other offerings; my love of DIY and woodwork and the tools I buy and never use; my experiences living in a small village after moving from London and the community I find myself within; and my love of retro video games and consoles and how I make and tinker with my own arcade machine.

I’m looking forward to a whole world of talking nonsense and trying to figure out what is doing on in the world today and how I fit into it.